with a total of 21 3087 monthly prepaid transactions to the value of

[R22 821 824.00]

18 849 409 kWh

processing 37 091 monthly FBE transactions to the value of

[R4 438 946.00]

3 672 800 kWh


less than 5%
Revenue Loss

Communication Link Monitor

It Makes the Following Important AMI Functions Possible:

  • Loading Consumer payment transactions on their electricity meters;
  • Collection of field equipment information, e.g. meter readings, connection status, etc;
  • Raising alerts, e.g. tampering, bypass conditions;
  • Sending commands to field equipment, e.g. disconnecting a consumer;
  • Updating field equipment configuration e.g. tariff changes
  • Remote upgrading of field equipment software.

Information at Your Fingertips

iD2 has developed the Communication Link Monitor (CLM) to simplify the monitoring and management of the communication infrastructure recquired by the iD2 AMI.

All monitoring and management data is stored in a central database. This data is electronically accessible and fully auditable. The CLM has powerful data search and filtering capabilities and reports and data search results canbe exported to all popular file formats.

CLM Features Include

Logical Grouping

Field Equipment devices can be logically Grouped e.g. by area. It also displays he cellular network the field equipment device is connected to.

Instant Connection Status

Users can quickly see the connection status of any field equipment device in the AMI. Important information is als provided on the field equipment.

Graphical Display

Connection data such as Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is displayed graphically for easy reference. Latest status can be requested at any time.

Shows Remaing Balance

The CLM shows remaining credit on a Pre-paid SIM card or remaining data bundle on a Data SIM Card.

Communication on Demand

The CLM will send commands and configuration messages on demand to field equipment devices.

The CLM makes it easy to remotely pinpoint and manage one of the vital components of AMI. More on AMI.