with a total of 21 3087 monthly prepaid transactions to the value of

[R22 821 824.00]

18 849 409 kWh

processing 37 091 monthly FBE transactions to the value of

[R4 438 946.00]

3 672 800 kWh


less than 5%
Revenue Loss

Product: AMI

What is AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)?

It is a system that measures, collects and analyses energy usage by communicating with metering devices (such as electricity meters) either on request or automatically. Advanced Metering Insfrastructure systems include hardware, software, communications, consumer energy displays and controllers, customer-associated systems, data storage and management software and supplier business systems.

The main difference between this and other systems is a two-way communication system.

Why choose iD2 AMI?

It is a complete system which includes management software, field equipment and a communication infrastructure. Our focus is on revenue protection and service delivery, and our system can be extended, modified and adapted almost infinitely. Importantly, it can easily include Smart Metering and Demand Side Management and integrate smoothly with legacy systems such as ERP, CRM and GIS to ensure full control over all energy-related processes.

In Property24 News of 20 October 2010 is was stated that

“…six of South Africa’s metropolitan councils are owed R29 billion for unpaid water, electricity and property rates bills … this is having an impact on service delivery in each of the regions.”

Benefits of iD2’s AMI

Better Service

The system is designed with the end-user in mind. Customers can view their own information, such as consumption, billing, usage history, through the Internet and Mobile Customer Portal. When electricity is bought it is credited immediately – no tokens are bought so theft and loss are no longer a problem. Importantly, because the consumer has complete control of his power usage, the possibility of strikes due to power outages is minimised.

Reduced Costs

The iD2 AMI has already automated processes, e.g. checking communication to meters. Should problems arise the system is self-healing. These automated processes ensure you spend less time (and consequently less money) on the system.

iD2 is able to provide financial options which can reduce capital expenditure.

Reliable Technology

The iD2 solution has proved itself to be a stable, robust remedy, having met and exceeded all expectations in its pilot phase. The Intelligent metering management system is an enterprise-scale application using modern technology. It is platform independent.

After much research iD2 chose to use GPRS communication technology. It has proved to be stable and cost-effective. The system can be integrated with any in-house system. The system is modular. It can be extended and integrated without any need to replace the technology.

Revenue Protection

At present it is difficult for municipalities to secure revenue for the services they provide. Whatever the causes, the result is that payment is sporadic and inconsistent. Municipalities, however, are still obliged to pay the power source (usually Eskom). iD2’s AMI system simply circumvents this by ensuring that income is regular. Using advanced algorithms we can identify irregularities in consumption patterns and alert you to investigate these abnormalities. Illegal use of energy is curtailed because consumers enjoy a reliable energy service.

Improved Security

We have put many interventions in place to ensure a secure system. User authentication and authorisation is needed to operate the software – all access to secure data is regulated through specific authorisation. All messages sent over networks are encrypted. Tampering of any sort on meters and sub-stations, or any attempt at connecting illegally is instantly detectable.

Who Benefits?

End-users get a reliable energy service and accurate billing. Utility providers are able to service communities better, which reduces the possibility of strike action. They receive regular payment, enjoy greater income control and are able to manage queries quickly and easily. Electricity vendors receive a good income supplement.