About Us

Flying Cloud Health helps clients define and deliver healthcare consumer value. With a combination of health tech start up veterans and IT consulting leaders, we partner side by side with you to deliver enterprise quality consumer experiences. Our team works closely with the client’s internal team and external resources to identify and launch game changing products and optimize existing offerings.

Our range of consumer health experience is broad:

  • Consumer Engagement through Native content strategies, Newsletters, CRM, call center and in person programs.
  • Consumer Media and Advertising technologies including the development of Content Management Systems (CMS), Data Management Platforms (DMP) , DAM (Digital Asset Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies.
  • Consumer Wearables engagement programs established for a complete range of fitness and health capabilities.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Clinical Workflows, especially tied to surgery scheduling for surgery groups, ORs and patient scheduling.
  • Wellness and Fitness programs to keep members mentally and physically fit.


About the name:

The name Flying Cloud Health was inspired by a clipper ship that held the world’s fastest sailing record from New York to San Francisco for 100 years. Much credit for the record is due to Eleanor Creesy, the captain’s wife who was a pioneering ship’s navigator and a core team member. The Flying Cloud’s story reminds us how the right combination of strategy and teamwork leads to lasting breakthroughs.

EPI-USE Flying Cloud Health is a subsidiary of EPI-USE, which is the world’s largest and most experienced independent SAP HCM specialist and which has emerged as a leader in designing, building and implementing Cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises systems for large, complex multinational corporations. Employing over 1,500 people and the successful completion of over a 1000 engagements worldwide in our 30 plus year history, EPI-USE has built relationships as a trusted advisor with large and small multi-national organizations and world-renowned healthcare organizations by delivering exceptional quality, innovative thinking, and strong collaboration. Our client base is 100% reference-able and our talented team of dynamic, dedicated individuals are driven by a desire to solve complex problems and make our clients successful. As a subsidiary of EPI-USE, FCH is a member of groupelephant.com, which is a largely employee-owned group of consulting services firms and software companies, nonprofits, and impact investment organizations, with a strong global presence. The Group is characterized by a primary strategic imperative in terms of which it goes ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’ in its day-to-day activities and ERP initiatives. Learn more: epiuse.com and Elephants, Rhinos & People